At AAA Racing/Coaching we like to keep things simple but try not to neglect the funadamental aspects of our events and programs. In order to do this we are conscious of our own experiences and how/why we came about.


Core Values

It's of paramount importance to us that all our activities are conducted safely and securely, with the wellbeing of both our participants and crew at the fore.


It's our believe that if the event is safe, everything else falls into place - meeting the needs of our clients, participants and all stakeholders being the end result.


To achieved this, not only to we draw on over a decade of experience but also design and implement strict race management and risk management strategies which are applicable to all events that we stage.

AAA Racing has come about as a result of 12 years experience of trail and track ultra runs in the SEQ region, both participating in and organising,
Race director, Alun Davies, has run 60+ events of marathon or greater (including 46 ultra marathons), as well as cycling many 'Grand Fondo' events. Currently in training for the elusive first ironman finish (sharks permitting!)
Embracing the social aspects of racing as well as the competitive, we seek the opinions of those participating in organising events with a view to ensuring we're not just putting on another race in an already congested calendar.

Coming from a background of rugby union, MTB, golf(!), road and trail running and physical training instruction, as well as extensive exeperience in ultra running both here in Australia and at a representative level, the AAA Coaching team can guide you from the initial steps to hitting the road to preparation for your first ultra run.
Whether you're chasing a steady 5 km or about to embark on your first 100 mile adventure, we can tailor a program or individual sessions to suit.
Happy Training!

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