Wild Horse at Night 2018

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Saturday, May 25th

The seventh running of WH@N will be held on May 25th.  WH@N is a bit special as a small donation from each registration will be made to Medicins Sans Frontiers – Doctors Without Borders (MSF) in honour of Jill and Roger Guard who were enthusiastic advocates of MSF and, as we approach the fourth commemoration of the MH17 tragedy, it’s a good time to reflect on the struggle that still goes on in Ukraine and the tireless work that MSF do all over the world.


Registrations opening on Tuesday, October 23rd 2018, keep an eye out on the website and on our Facebook Page for updates.



10 km - $49
16.5 km - $65
25 km - $79
50 km - $99


All runs start at 6:00 pm


Complete course directions available here:




10km - Section 1 & Section 4
Starting at Wildhorse Mountain car park, runners/walkers head south along the marked trail around the base of Wildhorse Mountain before turning sharp left at close to 2km.  Continue an further 2½km until you reach a right turn and cross Tibrogargan Creek. Continue on a further 500 metres to CP1.  Check in with the support crew and return.


16½km - Section 1, 2 & 4
Follow the 10km route to CP1 and check in.


From here, head west for 2km before turning sharp right, heading north. There's a sharp switchback on the right about 100 metres from Tibrogargan Creek near the Bruce Highway.  If you reach the Highway you've gone too far, don't panic, it will be well marked.  This turn will take you through the 'Tunnel of Love'.  It's sandy, watery and seems long but it's a mere 2.8km.  You guys will probably wonder what the fuss is about. 


Running alongside Tibrogargan Creek, heading east, you'll arrive at south side of the creek crossing you made earlier.  Turn right (south) and check in at CP1 before making the trip back to the car park and finish. 


25km - Section 1, 2, 3 and 4
Follow the same route as the 16½km for your second visit to CP1. Having checked in, continue through the checkpoint, heading south.  The trail swings right left and, at just under 1km, take a square turn left (heading south-east) before arriving at Mekins Rd after 900 metres. 


Turn left again, heading north east. The road swings right at about 900 metres (do not turn left here), continue west for 1km before a square turn left heading north a further 1.1km before heading left (west) along Tibrogargan Creek.  After about 3½km you'll arrive at the north side of the earlier creek crossing. Turn left and head to CP1. Check in and head home.


The course is such that walkers will be able to complete within the 5 hour cut-off should they wish.  However, we won't be going anywhere before everyone is in so if you do choose to walk the longer event and it takes you a little longer, don't panic!

At the finish we'll hot drinks and soup.  If you're planning to wait for all finishers, ensure that you bring warm gear to change into as you'll cool down very quickly after your run/walk.

Course Map (click on the image to enlarge):




The registration area is located at Wild Horse Mountain car park adjacent to the race start/finish area.  Registration will be open from 3:00 pm. All runs start at 6:00 pm.


Parking: Parking will be along the verges along Wild Horse Rd.  Park behind the first car you see as the distance from base will be directly proportionate to the time you arrive.  Driving past a row of parked cars will simply see you having to turn around.

Allow time for an 500 metre walk to the registration area if you plan on arriving later in the day.

Mandatory kit:

Race directors contact added to phone, Hopefully you won't need it, but if you do, you'll be glad of it:


Alun Davies - 0407 836 775

AAA racing accept it in good faith that the mandatory list is adhered to by participants, though there will be spot checks on course

Recommended kit:


Marking: Course marking will consist of flagging tape, arrows on trees, signage where necessary and red, flashing LED lights mounted on posts at key points.

NB – the LED lights are not directional.  They are designed to ensure that you see and draw your attention to the arrow that accompanies them.  Do not assume that the light indicates the way to go.


Hydration: It is essential, with no exceptions, that each participant carries a water bottle at the very minimum.  There will be water at the start/finish area and at checkpoint 1, along with some snacks/lollies. 


Litter: Any rubbish can be taken from you each time you visit a checkpoint.  Anything that leaves the checkpoint with you must stay with you until you can dispose of it properly and not on the course.  We’d like to set and maintain an example to those less conscientious.


Toilets: Toilet facilities are available at the start/finish area. Please do not remove paper from the toilets at the start/finish area.

During the race


Withdrawal: If you pull out or have to leave the course for any reason, please advise the checkpoint staff or those at the start finish area.


Practice mindfulness: Regardless of ability, please be mindful of other runners:  If you’re a faster runner wanting to pass, advise the runner in front by all means, but be patient and don’t pressurise anyone.  It can be unnerving and easily lead to a trip.  Conversely, if you are aware of a faster runner behind you, take the utmost of care and allow them to pass when it’s safe.  Many a runner/walker’s day can be blighted by the smallest of incidents and we want everyone to leave on Saturday night being a little better for their experience.  Look after each other out there.


Health and injury: This isn’t the nanny state by any means but we are out on the trail.  As per the waiver agreed to on entry, should you become injured or should event staff consider that you need medical attention or examination, do not continue until authorised to do so.  If it’s deemed that it’s not in your interests to continue, you will be withdrawn from the event.  We’d rather make the mistake of scratching someone who could continue than letting someone who shouldn’t.


Remember where you are: We don’t like to talk about it, but we are in Queensland and many of the locals aren’t so friendly if they’re frightened or disturbed.  Watch where you’re putting your feet and keep a close eye on the ground as well as ahead.


We recommend that you carry a compression bandage and understand how to apply it.  Take a look here:


The event crew are running the show: Cooperate with event crew/officials/volunteers all the times - they're there not only because they enjoy giving something back or participating in a different way, but because they have event experience. They know what they're doing and they'll be under instruction from the race directors. Under whatever circumstances, the event directors decisions are final ... and they're usually the same as the crew! :)


Finally, have Fun!
It is a compulsory requirement of all participants at AAA Racing events to have fun.  Failure to have any fun will be frowned upon by the event management team!

Where are we?
Wild Horse Mountain is located just off The Bruce Highway, adjacent to the Johnston Rd intersection.

From the south:

Drive five minutes past the turn off for Steve Irwin Way and take the Johnston Rd exit.  Head up the ramp past the service station (on your left) before turning right to cross the Bruce Highway.  Be careful of the crossing here, as there is traffic coming from both directions.  Once across, continue about 50 metres along Johnston Rd before turning right onto Wild Horse Rd.  Park on the verge after the last car.


From the north:

Drive five minutes past Roy's Rd before taking the Johnston Rd exit.  Head along the off ramp before turning left onto Johnston Rd for 50 metres before turning right onto Wild Horse Rd.  Park on the verge after the last car.



Search for 'Wild Horse Road' at www.whereis.com.au or in your GPS


Click on the image below for a larger view:



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