The Brisbane Valley Rail Trail 100

From $81 inclusive of AAA Racing discount (pacers $75)

The inaugural BVRT100 has been and gone and wrap is now available for download HERE. Moving into its second year, AAA Racing is proud to bring you the BVRT100 2019 - a 'down' year!


In addition to the 100 mile there will be a 50 mile (actually 53 miles) event starting at Toogoolawah and a marathon starting at Coominya. Oh, and a 200 mile event starting from the finish at the IGS Playing Fields!


Qualifying information will need to be submitted for entries into the the 100 and 200 mile events with results available on-line.


Enter the BVRT 200 on-line here:


Starting times are:
  • 200 mile - June 20th, Midnight - Wulkuraka/Brassall
  • 100 mile - June 22nd, 6:00 am - Yarraman
  • 50 mile - June 22nd, Midday - Toogoolawah
  • Marathon - June 23rd, 6:00 am - Coominya
  • All will be subject to cut-off at midday am on Sunday, 23rd.



200 mile event -$480
100 mile event - $240
50 mile event - $165
Marathon - $90
Pacer registration (100 mile only) - $75


  • Full participants will receive full access to hydration, nutrition and electrolye throughout the BVRT course
  • Medical care and services will be accessible to all participants for the duration of the event.
  • Full participants will recieve an event hoodie and a finishers medal (the latter as applicable)
  • Full participants will be timed and tracked through each stage of the race.
  • Pacers will receive the same support as the participants and will also be covered under AAA Racing's public liability insurance along with full participants.


This race will allow pacers for 100 and 200 mile participants only. They will be permitted from Toogolawah onward for the 100 mile event and from Esk onward (outward leg) for the 200 mile event.


Pacers will need to register independantly of their runner in order to meet insurance needs and there will be a cost associated. Pacers will be afforded the same care at CPs and throughout the course as participants. Eg, nutrition, hydration, medical care, etc.

Mandatory Equipment


What Description When Example
Mobile phone, fully charged Carry a spare powerpack if your phone is known not to have long battery life - we encourage lots of photos to be taken, but not at the expense of your phone should there be an emergency. In your pack at all times.  
Whistle Pealess - many race packs now have whistles attached.  Test to ensure that they work if you choose to use it. In your pack at all times. Whistle Keyring
Thermal/Space blanket For use and treatment in cases of hypothermia and/or shock. In your pack at all times. Thermal/Space blanket
Compression bandage For treatment of sprains and snakebite. In your pack at all times. Cold compression bandage
Carbohydrate Must be 'solid' (bars, gels, actual food(!)). Minimum 150 grams per section - can be collected at each CP.  
Hydration Capacity for a minimum of 2 litres of fluid at any given time - hydration packs, bottles, etc. Available at all times.  
High-Visibility Safety Vest that complies with Australian Standard AS/NZS 4602:1999 This must completely cover your pack and torso.  Minimal vests that have become popular aren't acceptable as they don't provide sufficient coverage. At all road main road crossings, through the entire section from Toogoolawah to moore, after dark. Hi-vis vests
Race Bib Provided by AAA Racing. Must be worn on the chest or stomach and be visible at all times.  
Course Map and Description Provided by AAA Racing - a link will be sent prior to race day for course download. Must be printed and laminated - carried at all times.  
Long sleeved thermal top Wicking and compression fabrics are not suitable.  Neither is cotton.  Thinsulate and merino wool fabrics are preferable fabrics and more suitable. Must be available (in your pack) after dark.  No exceptions.  
Long trousers/tights Wicking and compression fabrics are not suitable.  Niether is cotton.  Thinsulate and merino wool fabrics are ideal. Must be available (in your pack) after dark.  No exceptions.  
Warm headwear Beanie or buff Must be available (in your pack) after dark.  No exceptions  
Wet weather gear Breathable, waterproof jacket and trousers. Must be available in the event of inclement weather - you may be instructed to carry at all times should race organisation determine that conditions warrant it.  
Gloves Full fingered, thermal. Must be available (in your pack) after dark.  No exceptions.  
Headlamp and small, back up light (the latter sufficient to walk at least to the next CP). Ensure that you have tested on trail prior to the event. Must be available (in your pack) from the last anticipated CP you leave before 4:00pm for 100 mile runners and from the start for all other participants. No exceptions.  
Spare batteries for both lamps Stored in a ziplock bag.    


Please note: It is incumbent on each participant and their pacer (where applicable) to ensure that they have the mandatory kit listed here. There will be spot checks throughout the event with time penalties applied or exclusion from the event if discrepancies aren't rectified.


Recommended kit

  • Charger for your phone (external power pack)
  • Backup light comparable to your preferred light
  • First aid pack
  • Additional clothing in drop bags
  • Sunscreen
  • Chafe prevention
  • Collapsible cup
  • Insect repellent
  • Bite and sting treatment

The course

The route runs a complete 100 miles from Wulkuraka on the outskirts of Ipswich, to Yarraman, north west of the city.



Note: both maps show an unofficial bypass between Toogoolawah and Moore which will be used in this year's event for both the 50 and 100 miles. This section of the BVRT is scheduled to be completed this year but not likely in time for the BVRT 100. There may be scope for crews to meet with runners between these two points, but at this time, assume this won't be the case and provision for the section accordingly.


The course profile is available here:


BVRT Community Course Profile (click the image for a larger view)


All checkpoints will be fully provisioned with appropriate hydration, electrolyte and some foodstuffs. Location and drop bag information to be confirmed.



Roger and Jill Guard memorial


a) Refunds will be subject to flat admin charge + any merchandise pre-ordered against the entry
b) Refunds limited to 50% of entry fee beyond April 12th 2019
c) Refunds discontinued beyond May 24th 2019
d) Flat fee of $50 will apply to all transfers (chargeable to the substitute participant) and discontinued beyond June 8th 2019

Race Conditions


Conditions are undergoing revision for 2019, but a copy of the 2018 race rules and conditions can be downloaded (in PDF format) HERE


Lots of information included regarding directions, crew access and amenities available along the course.

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