The Brisbane Valley Rail Trail 100

AAA Racing is proud to bring you the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail 100 (BVRT 100) which will incorporate 50 mile and 100 mile foot races - probably the fastest miler in the country!


This event will take place over June 16th/17th. Starting at Wulkuraka (just outside Ipswich, SEQ) and finishing at Yarraman. There will also be a 50 mile event (actually 58½ ) starting at Esk along the same route as the BVRT.



Enter on-line here:

Starting times are:

  • 100 mile - June 16th, 6:00 am - Wulkuraka/Brassall
  • 50 mile - June 16th, 12:00 pm - Esk
  • 50 km - June 17th, 3:00 am - Moore
  • All will be subject to cut-off at midday am on Sunday, 17th.



100 mile event - $290
50 mile event - $190
50 km event - $130
Pacer registration (100 mile only) - $75


  • Full participants will receive full access to hydration, nutrition and electrolye throughout the BVRT course
  • Medical care and services will be accessible to all participants for the duration of the event.
  • Full participants will recieve a quality event shirt and a finishers medal (the latter as applicable)
  • Full participants will be timed and tracked through each stage of the race.
  • Pacers will receive the same support as the participants and will also be covered under AAA Racing's public liability insurance along with full participants.


This race will allow pacers for 100 mile participants only, who will be able to join their runner from Esk. Pacers will need to register independantly of their runner in order to meet insurance needs and there will be a cost associated. Pacers will be afforded the same care at CPs and throughout the course as participants. Eg, nutrition, hydration, medical care, etc.

The course

The route runs a complete 100 miles from Wulkuraka on the outskirts of Ipswich, to Yarraman, north west of the city.



Note: both maps show an unofficial bypass between Toogoolawah and Moore which will be used in this year's event for both the 50 and 100 miles. This section of the BVRT is scheduled to be completed this year but not likely in time for the BVRT 100. There may be scope for crews to meet with runners between these two points, but at this time, assume this won't be the case and provision for the section accordingly.


The course profile is available here:


BVRT Community Course Profile (click the image for a larger view)


Checkpoint locations and distances (provisional)



All checkpoints will be fully provisioned with appropriate hydration, electrolyte and some foodstuffs. Drop bags will be permitted at CP3, CP4, CP5, CP6 and CP7. Drop bags will be brought to the race finish 11:00 am on Sunday 17th. Any that aren't collected by midday will be disposed of.


a) Refunds will be subject to flat admin charge + any merchandise pre-ordered against the entry
b) Refunds limited to 50% of entry fee beyond March 31st 2018
c) Refunds discontinued beyond April 30th 2018
d) Flat fee of $50 will apply to all transfers (chargeable to the substitute participant) and discontinued beyond June 8th 2018

Race Conditions


There will be further information posted here in the next few days. Watch this space and keep an eye on the AAA Racing Facebook page to stay up to date.